Dr. Pritchard was one of the founders and driving forces behind the Nikolas Symposium. A physician to Nikolas himself, he is the one who encouraged the Kontoyannis family to set up an annual symposium dedicated to the study of Histiocytic diseases.

Α pediatric oncologist, Jon Pritchard graduated from Cambridge and trained at St. Thomas’ hospital in London. After a year working in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), he returned to the UK to work at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool and afterwards Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. He was instrumental in introducing the drug Cisplatinum, which at the time was a new and radical approach to treatment.

Dr. Pritchard was passionately devoted to his patients and their families, and included parents as honorary members of the treatment team. The Child Death Helpline for example was initially comprised almost entirely by parents whose children had been treated by him. Dr. Pritchard helped form the Sick Children’s Trust, The Neuroblastoma Society and held strong links with Helen House, the first children’s hospice founded in Oxford. He further contributed personally to charities and initiatives that supported his projects, including Histio UK (formerly the Histiocytosis Research Trust, established in 1991) and the Artemis Association of Greece in 1994.